Smart CryptoFor Your Right Here

Smart CryptoFor Your Right Here

Recent studies have shown that the performance of a business can depend significantly on the time at which it was performed. Many strategies can be “flat” because of a simple timing problem, so it is important to consider flow and seasonality when planning a negotiation action.

When analysing the trading results of thousands of transactions, it became clear that on average the customer is more likely to profit if his position is open at certain specific times of the day. This difference can be explained by analysing the behaviour of most online customers. You can click to learn more now.

  • In fact, most customers adopt a technique that involves buying when prices are weaker and lower and the sale is made when prices are higher. However, this technique is generally used by customers during the most volatile hours of the day. But this technique does not necessarily adapt to market conditions. In this case, it is advisable to study the times when the index evolution is less volatile to maximize your profit.
  • Some experts even advise waiting for the closing of some stock exchanges and the deceleration of the indexes to operate. This is to avoid the more volatile hours that are not necessarily conducive to profitable profits.

Find your schedule according to your strategy

Based on studies of trading behaviour and resulting profits, trading hours are an important factor in the success of an operation. But this timetable depends on everyone and we must take into account the indexes that will be traded, the opening hours and also the peaks of volatility of the stock exchanges related to these indexes. Therefore, there is no fixed schedule that is the most favourable for everyone, but instead, we must take into account all parameters to calculate the appropriate time.

This is also one of the recommended rules to improve trading and make it even more profitable. This topic is also mentioned when we talk about Best Practices of the best traders. If the customer has little flexibility in terms of trading hours, he must choose the indexes in which he will operate according to the available timetables. However, timing is only one of the determining factors in preparing a trading strategy and the success of an operation cannot be based solely on that factor as there are numerous variables that also come into play.