Funniest Comedy Movies Ever For Telugu People: Mail, Bell Bottom


 Mail and Bell Bottom are those two films which makes you forget about life and makes you laugh all the way to your core. Both films show the level of heights our people go to satisfy their curiosity and reach somewhere beyond. Everything was shown with a total outbreak of humour that some might die laughing. The philosophy and motives of the main characters turns everything they do into a comedic entertainment for the viewers to enjoy. These are a must watch movies online that you can find only on Aha.


Mail is a comedy film that revolves around the two most important characters Habyth and Ravi. Both of them are curious creatures when it comes to technology but as they live in a rural village, they are pretty far away from understand computers. Habyth as an older man than ravi, brings a computer into the village to start a computer center to develop their village. Ravi, a curious teenager who wants computer but couldn’t. Due to his family’s financial problems, ravi chooses an option to take up a computer course in college so that he could get close to one. But that plan fails too because of lack of development in their village’s only college. Ravi gets to know habyth and asks him to teach him computer. Habyth starts teaching him from the basic and eventually internet and mailing too. Then story takes a funny turn when the greeds of men suffers from an online scam. The most comedy aspects are their characters.

Funniest Comedy Movies Ever For Telugu People: Mail, Bell Bottom

Bell Bottom story runs behind a poor guy called Diwakar who from his childhood, always dreamt of becoming a detective as grew up watching and reading james bond and detective stories.His father always taunts at his behaviour and force him to join police force as he got a chance to clear all the financial problems in their life. Unwilling, he becomes a police in the village and to the good of his brain, he solves a case which makes him a celebrity in the village and all the people start to talk about him and his knack in crimes. Then a robbery happens in the police station itself. This case will be given to Diwakar and while solving the case, a lot of secrets and mysteries come to fall apart which brings out a lot of new people into light. Simultaneously, another story runs as he meets a new girl who sells alcohol illegally and falls in love with her. The whole film was shot in a retro perspective that reminds our olden days.

Cast and Crew Of Mail:

Actor: HarshithMalgireddy

Actress: GouriPriya

Other Actors: Priyadarshi

Director: UdayGurrala

Producer: Priyanka Dutt, SwapnaDutt

DOP: UdayGurrala, ShyamDupati

Music Director: SweekarAgasthi

Cast and Crew Of Bell Bottom:

Actor: Rishab Shetty

Actress: Haripriya

Other Actors: Achyuth Kumar, Yogaraj Bhat

Director: Jayatheertha

Producer: Santhosh Kumar K. C.

These are the funniest comedy movies online that you can find in telugu. You can watch these movies online only on Aha.